Photo sessions are a way to create lasting memories from various beautiful and important moments in life, which can be placed in a photo album or put in a beautiful frame. Until recently, the services of a photographer were used only for a very important moment of life, such as a wedding, but nowadays, the services of a photographer are used for many and different moments of life, such as - baptisms; birthday parties for both children and adults; during pregnancy; for capturing family moments and other celebrations, moments.

In this blog article, we have described the types of photoshoots that are most popular today, and we have also added dresses, dress sets that will be useful for a certain type of photoshoot.


A punch photo session is a great way to capture and celebrate this special waiting time. A pregnancy photo session helps to realize the fact that a new phase of life awaits both mom and dad soon, as a new creature will enter the world. Pregnancy photos will bring joy to both new parents and relatives and acquaintances, because sharing this special experience brings people closer together.

We at MiniMeLook dressmaking workshop have a variety of maternity dresses that will be suitable only for photoshoots due to the type of dress, as well as dresses that can be used for both photoshoots and later for some other moment in life, for example, attending a celebration. women


Family photo sessions are a great way to remind yourself and your loved ones of how much you mean to each other. After the family photo session, you can get quality photos in your possession, both for yourself and to show and share with others - with your own pleasure. When photographing family photo sessions, we definitely recommend creating special Mother&Daughter pictures, because we, the dress sewing workshop, have created many different sets of dresses so that the ladies of the family can dress up in the same or similar dresses.


When a baby's first birthday is approaching, there is a desire to make it as special and memorable as possible, but since the baby is not yet big enough to remember his first birthday, a photo session is definitely a good way to preserve these beautiful memories. We offer many different types of dresses for little princesses to dress up for their first birthday party.


Christmas photo sessions are becoming more and more popular, during which it is possible to capture this wonderful waiting time individually, as a couple or as a family. In the Christmas photo session, the main emphasis is on the stirring of the special feelings of the waiting time - joy, happiness and bright hope - in the air. The photos obtained during the Christmas photo session are suitable as greetings, gifts for your loved ones to give during the holidays.

Also, we, MiniMeLook, have made sure that for this type of photo sessions, you can find suitable dresses, dress sets for both big and small ladies.

These are just a few types of photoshoots in which we looked and found suitable dresses, dress sets from the range of our dressmaking workshop. But you can always familiarize yourself with the wide range of dresses both on our website and on social network platforms - Facebook and Instagram, and you can also contact us to find out what else we can offer.

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