Fashion trends in 2022

Modes tendences 2022

This time was and still is quite unpredictable especially in all areas, such a time is also in the world of fashion, because we stand between party dresses and home clothes. In this unpredictable time, you need a bright, classic and comfortable look. Looking at the trends that will be in fashion in the coming year, we can only say that the year will be about bold and bright choices, which definitely show positivity and optimism.

We have prepared a small insight into the fashion trends that will be relevant in 2022.

Sparkles, glitters and sequins

Choose to shine in the upcoming year 2022! Start the New Year with a delicate, sequined cocktail dress and throughout the year wear a variety of outfits, whether skirts, dresses, pants or jackets, decorated with sequins, sparkles and glitter. Also in our "MiniMeLook" dress sewing workshop, various dresses with sequins are available - both Mother&Daughter dress sets, as well as princess dresses decorated with sequins. We added some options for a little insight.

The mini skirt is making a comeback

We all loved mini skirts in the nineties. And if you missed the trend back then, now is the time to come back and show off your legs. On cooler days, we definitely recommend combining the skirt with a shirt and jacket, as well as choosing thicker and warmer tights.

We think that mini dresses can also be suitable for this fashion trend, so we also add some options that we, the dress sewing workshop, can offer from our dress collection.

The more colorful the better

2022/2023 will be a colorful season. The main thing is to be brave and not be afraid to dress in different colors, combine them in different variations and experiment until you find the right shades that suit you best. "MiniMeLook" offers many different colorful dresses that will be suitable both for a special moment in life and for everyday life. We have added a few variants for you to see.

This has been a very small insight into the fashion trends that will be relevant in 2022, but what we want to say is - experiment, be brave in your choices and you will definitely manage to discover something that has never existed, something that you could not even imagine, that something like that could suit you.

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