Wedding color trends 2022

Kāzu krāsu tencdences 2022

Choosing a wedding color palette is by no means the easiest decision. To inspire newly engaged couples planning their wedding, we offer a look at wedding color trends. It is expected that in 2022 there will be many unusual color trends, starting with classic shades, up to green and pink shades.

Shades of green

You must have already noticed that this color was and is relevant at weddings this year as well, and it is not going to go away at all, because this color will be just as relevant in 2022. The most popular shade is emerald green, it can completely transform any room and can create a dreamy romantic mood. Also, who said that a wedding dress must be white, maybe you want to experiment and choose an emerald green wedding dress? If not for the wedding day, then maybe for the unofficial part.

We also have some emerald green tulle dresses available in our dressmaking workshop:

Shades of purple

Purple is starting to regain its trend as a wedding color. This rich, romantic color is versatile enough to fit any season or wedding style. In the case of choosing a purple color, lavender flowers will fit perfectly at a wedding, for example, for decorations near cars or including these flowers in invitations.

We offer different shades of purple dresses that could be for bridesmaids, for example.

Black color

Stand out from the crowd and choose dark colors for your wedding! You can still wear your white dress, but you are thinking - maybe your bridesmaids could wear black dresses. To introduce the wedding color to your guests, you can choose to send black wedding invitations and treat your guests to a black mystery wedding cake at the end of the wedding. At the moment, we have only a few black dresses in our dress selection, which we have added below.

Powder pink color

Powder pink is one that goes well with so many colors, so we suspect it will continue to be a huge trend in 2022. The powder pink rose bridal bouquet is absolutely stunning! This color creates a soft, romantic mood, which can fit perfectly into the decorations, the cake, and, for example, the groom's tie or bow tie, and the bridesmaids next to the new couple could look stunning in dresses of this color.

Blue color

This is such a statement color and can be used in all aspects of your wedding. We think it would look luxurious and elegant if this color were used in wedding tablecloths. This color can certainly be included in the groom's suit and, of course, in the wedding invitations!

As inspiration, we added some blue dresses that can be used by the bride, bridesmaids and flower girl.

These are just some of the many color trends that will be popular in the coming year 2022, but when choosing a wedding color, we definitely recommend answering the questions - what is your favorite color? where will the wedding be held? what time of year will the wedding take place? and thus, collecting all the answers, choose their main and real color.

We, the dress sewing workshop, can help you create both bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses, and special maternity wedding dresses are available. But to find out more, both about the options and about the dress offer, we definitely recommend you to contact us.

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