Color trends 2021/2022

Krāsu tendences 2021/2022

Colors are an integral part of each of our daily lives. Colors have a unique power - each color creates certain emotions for us - how we feel and think when we see them.

Every year, people who work closely with colors, based on the processes taking place in society, technological trends and various psychological features, try to make their predictions for the upcoming trends in the world of colors.

We have prepared a small insight into 2021/2022. in the color trends of the year. Color trends range from bright colors to neutral tones.

Let's look at the first color - yellow - a friendly, cheerful and optimistic color that will make everyone who sees this color smile in a gloomy time. Color creates an opportunity to dwell on memories of warm and sunny weather. The yellow color shows that the women who choose it in their wardrobe are active and cheerful. This color symbolizes action. Also, in our wide range of offers, you can find dresses of this color for both little princesses and Mother&Daughter sets.


Gray color, it might seem that this color creates a gloomy mood. But still - choosing such a color in clothing creates a natural and at the same time refined look. The color gray encourages poise, trust and endurance. Ladies who wear gray clothes often give the impression of a smart person. Also, we at MiniMeLook offer current gray dresses for various life situations - family photo sessions, baby shower parties, birthday parties or any other important moment in life.


Romantic, gentle and at the same time inconspicuous - soft pink color. Pink symbolizes femininity, tenderness, motherhood and love. This color suits both little princesses and women. Our dress sewing workshop has a very wide range of pink dresses - both for mothers-to-be and little princesses, as well as sets of dresses for Mother and Daughter.


Red is also included in this list of trends. This color symbolizes self-reliance, courage, strength, passion and energy. It is recommended to wear red clothes if you want to draw attention to yourself. Wearing red clothes gives the impression of a confident personality. We also offer these boldly colored dresses for both Mother&Daughter sets and little princess dresses, so you can stand out and be the center of attention during the holidays.


We have given you a little insight into the color trends by adding matching colored dresses from our selection. However, we also want to remind you that you don't always have to follow the trends set by someone, because not everything can suit everyone. And you have to choose only such clothes, such colors, in which you feel best and which will also suit you best.

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