Fashion trends for Christmas

Modes tendences Ziemassvētkos

The most family-friendly and heart-warming holiday - Christmas - is fast approaching. What outfits to dress up in this holiday? Or perhaps you are planning a Christmas photo shoot, but you haven't found any outfits?

We have created a blog article to tell you about the current events when choosing Christmas outfits and also created a small insight with the dresses that we offer.

Expressive sleeves - both pleated, balloon-shaped, with various decorations, embroideries, lace or free-falling - are considered a current trend and a "fashion scream". We have some options to offer you inspired by this trend. For example, this set - minimelook.net_zelta_krasas_kleitu_komplekts_mammai_meitai gold colored dresses with stars and puffy tulle sleeves for Mother and Daughter. Or this set minimelook.net_bordo_krasas_kleitu_komplekts for Mom and Daughter in burgundy color, where the dresses are made of tulle and decorated with lace.

Glitters, sequins and other glitters. Choosing such clothes will certainly suit Christmas. For example, these dresses, which are beige in color and complemented with golden sequins minimelook.net_gaisas_spidigas_kleitas_mammai_meitai Another option - minimelook.net_roza_fliteru_kleitas_mammmai_un_meitai Mother&Daughter set with pink sequins, you will definitely not go unnoticed in these dresses.

Red and emerald green, these are definitely the top Christmas colors. We have a wide range of such dresses in our offer, we will offer some of the options. minimelook.net_emerald_red_dress_for_mother_daughter



When it comes to Christmas photo sessions, we can offer you great solutions to save your time and money. We offer holiday dresses for rent, both for little princesses and pregnant women, as well as Mother & Daughter sets. By renting several dresses, you will have the opportunity to change your image during the photo session, for example, from a gentle, fragile being to something luxurious and graceful. Sounds interesting, right? To get acquainted with the offer of dresses that we rent, take a look at the section of our website - rental or Facebook page - or contact us to find out what else we can offer.

We have given you a very small glimpse of our wide selection of dresses, so be sure to take a look and see the other dresses we have to offer. You can see the entire offer of dresses on our website.

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